Y Ddraig Derwen (The Oak Dragon) by Nansi Hemming
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Carve Cymru at Gwyl Coed Cymru,
 Woodfest Wales

     The 2004 Carve Cymru chainsaw carving event was held  at  Woodfest Wales, St. Asaph 4th.-6th. June 2004 and featured about ten chainsaw carvers.  The finished works were auctioned to the public and 50% of the profits were donated to Bernardos Cymru.    

Speed carving a 15 minute ball in cage!

Puma in walnut by Harry Thomas

Figure in oak by Dan Cordall

Y Cwtch (The Cuddle) in oak by Jayne Sparks

Carver's Chillout

Carver's Rigs

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