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09 June 2004

"I am surprised that I accepted so much so quietly.........The laws curtailing our rights were introduced discreetly, falling imperceptibly around us.........like gentle snow.  I looked again at the gate and saw for the first time, right across the top, in big brass letters ARBEIT MACH FREI - "Work Brings Freedom"." 

      -Rudolph Vrba, "Escape from Auschwitz"

    We would appreciate information on future free events in the U.K. We are also interested in personal descriptions and pictures of past events (even just a few words) to build up a historical database (i.e. a web page for each event with a variety of personal memories and photographs)

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Eric's Memorial Party
(Bog Stomp)
Tuesday April 1st.

Llangybi common, Ceredigion, Cymru

    Traditional D.I.Y. event.  Party goers stay overnight on the common to keep it open for public use and prevent further enclosure.  It is said that many years ago the common was bequeathed as a travelers rest.  Over the years hundreds of people have stayed here.  Parking is limited especially if wet. If dry the common can be a fire risk. 

Local sounds

Bring warm clothes, wellies and all that you expect to find.

    As usual this event was a huge success, after a grim morning the night was fine.  The police drove past and didn't even stop!  Thanx Nattie and Lucas for sounds.

 Saturday 24th May, 2003  
North Newcastle Community Green Festival

The Green Festival, now in its 9th year, originally started in opposition to building plans for Leazes Park, is now a community festival offering positive solutions to environmental problems. News: Due to a Heritage Lottery redevelopment grant, there is extensive redevelopment and tree planting currently taking place in Leazes Park so the festival is having a temporary change of venue moving to Exhibition Park for this year only. Providing a showcase for local musicians and performers - bands confirmed so far include Keiretsu, Funk Conspiracy and the Psychedelic Breakfast. The festival also includes arts, performance, DJs, bands, and cabaret, as well as food, stalls and organic beer. There are plenty of FREE hands on arts, heritage and children’s activities to take part in including graffiti and spray paint workshops, green woodworking, Northumberland crafts, drumming, juggling and circus skills workshops. This year, there will be an elementals maze made from natural materials and you can help make a peace dome. Visitors can learn how they can improve their environment, and experience alternative therapies in the healing area. A fireshow will round off the festival on Sunday evening. The Green Festival is open from 12noon until 6pm on Saturday and from 12noon until 10.30pm on Sunday during the last Bank Holiday weekend in May.

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25th may 2003
East Redbridge Green Fair

 Location:  Valentines Park, n/a , Price: FREE!  Redbridge Green fair is an environmental and community fair which takes place every other year. This year it is on Sunday, 25th may 2003 at Valentines Park Ilford Essex. It is a festival full of activities, displays, stalls,  workshops and information on keeping our planet and our community healthy and in harmony. There will be artists leading activities for children, and Studio 3 Arts will be running al day creative activities on the theme of peace. It is a vegetarian event with delicious food, and beer tent will offer organic wines, beer and soft drinks. It is a free event...


Monday 26th May, 2003
 South Kingston Green Fair

 Location:  Canbury Gardens, Kingston , The Green Fair has been in operation since 1987, attracting nearly 15,000 visitors each year making it the UK's most successful one-day green family event! 100's of stalls; vegetarian food; showcase technology; performance; workshops; arts & crafts; sustainability demonstrations; music; healing; dance and drama; circus skills; theatre; walkabout; cafes & cakes; community campaigns. 

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Saturday 7th Jun, 2003
East Strawberry Fair

 Location:  Midsummer Common, off Victoria Avenue Cambridge , CB4 1HA "best one-day festy in the world" 

 More on Strawberry Fair

June 21st - 22nd 2003

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Sunday 13th Jul, 2003  
Midlands Rutland Free Festival

Friday 25th Jul, 2003
West Green Man Free Festival

 Nr Clun, Wales 

Sat 2nd Aug
Eastern Sun Fayre

 Earlham Park, Norwich.  2 stages, dance tent, roots n' culture reggae area, community stage + workshops, kids area, acoustic/real ale tent, holistic + green areas n' loads more..... admission FREE. 

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 Friday 15th Aug, 2003
North Silver moon Free Festival


Friday 29th Aug, 2003
West White goddess Free Festival

 Rough Tor area, Cornwall

Friday 12th Sep, 2003
Yorks & Notts Cloud Nine Free Festival

Ribblehead ?, N. Yorks 

Sunday 17th Aug, 2003
 Twisted Tree Trunk Free Festival

 South Wales 

Friday 19th Sep, 2003
South Village Idiots Gathering


Tuesday 23rd Sep, 2003
Autumn Equinox

  Stonehenge, Amesbury, nr Salisbury, Wilts , and other traditional locations.
Equinox: 10:47am 

Thursday 25th Sep.-Thursday 9th Oct, 2003
Mushroom Festivals 

 Wales, Free growing and plentiful 

Monday 22nd Dec, 2003
West Winter Solstice

 Stonehenge, Amesbury, nr Salisbury, Wilts. and other traditional locations 
Solstice: 07:01 am 

June 2005
20th. anniversary of the "Battle of the Beanfield"

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